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All Ogden Clinic Specialties

Utah’s scenic landscapes also harbor a host of allergens that have us sniffled and foggy throughout the year. While there is no cure for allergies, treatment and prevention are possible with a visit to our ENT specialists.
Whether hearing loss comes about suddenly or develops over time, our audiologists help patients manage all degrees of hearing impairment. We also relieve the symptoms of vertigo and balance disorders.
The cancer doctors at Utah Hematology Oncology | Ogden Clinic provide complete care from diagnosis to cancer treatment, chemotherapy, and follow-up.
Cosmetic or corrective—trust your skin to our board-certified dermatologists. Our dermatologists are also fellowship-trained to delicately remove skin cancer with Mohs Surgery.
ENT specialists (or otolaryngologists) manage disorders of the ears, nose, and throat. Don’t let a sensory condition come between you and your quality of life!
Endocrinology Speciality
Ogden Clinic’s largest specialty group, family physicians provide comprehensive care for the whole family. These physicians are trained to treat most ailments and love establishing ongoing relationships as your family’s primary source for healthcare.
Thousands of people suffer from stomach and bowel conditions. Our gastroenterologists diagnose and manage all disorders of the digestive tract including acid reflux, Chron's disease, and trouble swallowing.
Often considered a last resort for medical conditions, the word “surgery” triggers plenty of important questions. At Ogden Clinic, it’s our mission to address every one of our patients’ concerns and give them confidence in their upcoming general surgery procedure.
At Ogden Clinic Gynecology, we offer specialists trained in the female reproductive system and the overall care of women’s health, including issues related to menstruation, fertility, hormone disorders and sexually transmitted diseases.
The upper extremities encompass everything from the shoulder to the fingertips. Our upper extremities expert has training beyond orthopedics, specializing in chronic conditions, trauma, and arthritis management.
Based in evidence, our medical weight loss program equips patients with the right medical tools, behavioral tools, and supportive relationships to manage their weight while building lasting habits.
Whether you’re a collegiate athlete or a grandfather of five, you need to feel your best to live your best. Explore our Men's Health prevention services, expert treatments, and connected network of specialists.
Conditions that stem from the brain and nervous system may require expert attention from a neurologist. Ogden Clinic neurologists also conduct sleep studies to diagnose and manage various sleep disorders.
As one of the most skilled neurosurgery clinics in the area, we treat a variety of acute and chronic back, neck, and spine conditions using non-operative treatments and surgical intervention.
Whether this is your first or fourth pregnancy, our Ogden Obstetrics specialists are more than ready to educate, guide and support you every step of the way.
We know the strain of injury and that’s why Ogden Clinic’s orthopedists are leading the way with surgical and non-surgical options to treat a whole spectrum of issues. An Ogden Clinic orthopedist has the expertise to correct bone injuries and musculoskeletal problems affecting the ligaments, tendons, and muscles.
From tiny toes to graduation caps, Ogden Clinic specializes in giving babies, kids, and adolescents the most thorough pediatric care close to home. Ogden Clinic Pediatricians are available in several of our locations from Pleasant View to Farmington.
Any pain originating in the spine can affect quality of life. Fortunately, many patients with moderate to severe back pain can benefit from non-surgical therapies, injection treatments, and lifestyle changes.
Your body has a tremendous ability to repair itself, but sometimes it needs a little push in the right direction. Ogden Clinic physical therapists specialize in improving patient mobility through hands-on rehabilitation.
Foot problems are extremely common and are a significant cause of ill health, pain, and disability; they can lead to impaired balance and an increased risk of falling. Protect your health and safety by seeing an Ogden Clinic podiatrist today.
Radiologists are experts in medical imaging. Working behind the scenes, Ogden Clinic radiologists play a critical role helping their fellow physicians make medical diagnoses for our patients.
The Speech Pathology specialty at Ogden Clinic’s Professional Center campus in Ogden is a multidisciplinary team providing comprehensive treatment of the voice and swallow mechanisms.
This specialty helps patients of all ages manage pain and recover strong without surgery. Sports medicine is sometimes called non-surgical orthopedics.
Life happens, and when emergencies arise, time and access matter most. Ogden Clinic’s Urgent Care is on the frontline, prepared to help northern Utah families get back to health. We’re local neighbors right here in the community. With eight walk-in clinics in northern Utah and the most locations in Weber County, Ogden Clinic is nearby healthcare companion when you need it most.
Trust the Ogden Clinic to provide cutting-edge, quality urological care to men and women. Locally raised and nationally trained, Ogden Clinic's team of Urologists provides urology procedures to patients from Ogden to Bountiful. We offer a range of preventative services, testing, and treatment options to our urology patients. At Ogden Clinic, we are committed to the best possible outcomes.
Ogden Clinic provides a full range of women's health and wellness services to help keep you healthy, including mammography and breast screenings, ultrasounds, biopsies, and more. From expecting to the experienced, we specialize in women in all phases of life.